What's in Your Baby's Teething Toy?


A shocking new study shows that many mass produced teething toys on market contain chemicals that could be harmful to your baby’s health and development. Countless of these toys have been labelled safe, but have been tested and found to contain harmful chemicals.

It’s imperative to know what’s inside your babies teething toys!  They are used so regularly during the teething stage…and exposure to harmful substances could happen frequently during the space of one day and with overall continued use.

Recently scientists conducted a study by submerging several teething toys into water to simulate the exposure of a teething toy to a baby. The study conducted found that the majority of teethers being advertised as “BPA free and Chemical free” were actually toxin laden.

Many of the specific chemicals found in these plastic teething toys are labeled as endocrine disrupters and have been linked to developmental issues in children as well as reproductive interference, increased risk of cancer and other disturbances.

This type of exposure is dangerous and serious for babies due to their stage of life and fragile nature. Possible health risks include asthma, diabetes, neurodevelopment disorders and other complications.

As an alternative to plastic teethers, professionals have recommended teethers made of wood or organic cotton to be used.

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