Amber Mini Strands Safety 

Please don’t allow your child to chew the amber beads as amber is brittle by nature and the beads could crack under pressure.

Please use Baltic amber under supervision. Removing amber necklaces at nap time is recommended.  To continue the exposure to amber, wrap the necklace around the ankle and cover it with a sock or sleeper so that your little is safe while still receiving the benefits of Baltic amber.

With proper care amber jewellery should last many years, but due to its sensitive nature we recommend you check the amber beads occasionally for cracks or damage.

All beads on baby amber jewellery are knotted individually for safety. The screw clasp is designed to break open when force is applied.


Hazelwood  Jewelry Safety

The clasps on our hazelwood jewellery comply to all Canadian, American and European safety standards for children's jewellery. When there is tension on the necklace, the clasp will release and the beads will remain on the necklace held on by little clamps. Please replace your jewellery if it shows significant wear.


Maple Teething Buddies Safety


Teething buddies are hand finished and sanded to silky smooth perfection. Each toy is inspected and safe for your little one's teething pleasure.


Essential Oil Blends Safety

All blends have been made by a certified esthetician. All oils are locally sourced and have been diluted so that the blends are still effective but safe for babies 6 months+. Use sparingly and take care when using our oils on babies.


Mama Strands Safety

  • Wash before first use.
  • Jewelry is not intended for baby wear.
  • Babies should not be left unsupervised with any of our products.
  • Inspect items regularly before using.