Care for your amber mini strands 

Amber mini strands may be washed in warm water and laid flat to dry. Please avoid wearing them while swimming as chemicals in the water may damage your amber.


Care for your teething buddy

Our maple teething buddies can be sealed with a food grade oil like coconut oil or olive oil. Just cover the surface with the oil and wipe of the access.

If your teething buddy ever needs a clean, just rinse quickly under warm water and dry with a towel.

Please do not put your teething buddy in the dishwasher as a long exposure to water could warp the toy. 

If the surface of your toy ever becomes rough, just smooth it with some sandpaper.




Care for wood and silicone teething toys

Teething toys that have a combination of wood and silicone can be wiped clean with a cloth and dried post clean with a cloth. Please do not soak the wood, as it may warp the toy.