How Baltic Amber Works

When warmed during wear, amber releases an oil containing “succinic acid”. This healing oil reduces drooling and soothes teething pain. The oil works to block pain and inflammation… much like ibuprofen except natural.


Our amber teething jewellery is handmade of 100% genuine Lithuanian Baltic amber. The beads are hand selected and matched by colour and size, then strung on quality thread with each bead being separated by a knot.

Our jewellery is supplied with a matching clasp that has been certified as safe for children under the age of three and meets E71 Requirements according to the European safety products standards.

Knowing that our jewellery will be worn by the most fragile and sensitive little people on our planet, every bead is smooth and perfect for contact with baby skin.

Amber jewellery is only for wearing and is not meant for chewing. For the most effective use of amber jewellery, your baby should wear their amber as often as possible. It is not recommended that babies wear them to bed, or unsupervised.

Product Care
Amber should not be worn in a pool or hot tub where chemicals are present. If your amber item needs to be washed, use warm water and lay it flat to dry.

When purchasing amber online it’s important to understand and recognize the differences between real Baltic amber and fake amber.

Fake amber can be heated, melted or pressed together. Visually, fake amber is generally very even in color and texture. Natural Baltic amber has an irregular colour and a slightly uneven surface containing pits or small lines. Use this quick tip to avoid buying treated amber and always ask for a certificate of authenticity. Please do remember that mechanical treatment (ie: cutting and polishing) is necessary to create quality finished amber without sharp edges and will not change its natural properties or reduce its effectiveness.