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Every journey starts with a dream, and your full faith and belief in your dream will pave the way. ~ G.M. Rao

Julie K. StewardMITTEEZ™ is the ultimate teething mitten for babies, founded in 2011 with a philosophy of health, simplicity, happiness and making a difference.

I am a mother of four healthy, beautiful children and with each, they experienced the challenges of being a baby. When first born they would scratch their delicate little faces so I purchased tiny cotton mittens but these continually fell off their hands. Then they went through the next stage of teething where they chewed their precious little fingers resulting in terrible discomfort.

This is when I realized there was a need for a product that is hypoallergenic, one that protects babies hands from not only scratching their faces but also protects them from germs and viruses an increasingly serious problem today; as well as provide them with an aiding product for teething, which is safe, hygiene-friendly and stays put so it won’t fall off onto the ground.

It was also important to invent a functional, lightweight, non-restraining and removable teething mitten that is simple to use anywhere. So after five dedicated years of research, patent filings, creating designs and sourcing out the best manufacturers in the industry, MITTEEZ™ was finally created!

MITTEEZ™ is an eco-friendly, award-winning, bamboo and organic cotton developmental, protective teething mitten and keepsake toy for your baby.

MITTEEZ™ goes to great lengths to source out the finest, certified, quality fabrics and materials in the industry. That is why we are so excited to offer the best two-stage system to maintain safety and hygiene and provide protective, developmental and teething benefits during teething.

Your babies’ health is very important to us. You can be assured you are getting a safe product for your baby and because we believe in strict hygiene and long-lasting memories, a carry/washbag and a keepsake box is included with each MITTEEZ™.

With happiness,

Julie K. Steward

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Our mission is to promote and support young entrepreneurs as well as support terminally ill foster children.