Our Top 5 Baby Products for 2019

February 14, 2019

Our Top 5 Baby Products for 2019

Most of our parents, the baby boomers, are a little envious of all the new cool gadgets marketed to parents in the last few years.

With every year, there’s another new toy or item intended to make a parent's life less demanding, yet also providing for top needs like natural, safe, green and sustainable living.

New products also really help parents save valuable time and offer peace of mind, especially as they try to balance their busy schedules while also making sure baby is comfortable and happy.

We did a little research about must-have items and found some real gems. After sifting through some data, we really fell in love with a few gems parents swear made life easier.



Sudden infant death syndrome has always been every parent’s nightmare. Yet what if parents had the ability to know whether their baby was in distress or needed immediate medical support?

The smart sock baby monitor is a sock that is placed on your baby where it monitors the heart rate and oxygen levels just like they do in hospitals. It alerts you any time the child stops breathing via your smartphone or an alarm. Amazing right?



Prepping baby’s food isn’t always easy, especially when you’re a busy parent.

As a new parent, baby can get anxious and upset when they’re hungry, and with parents being ever so eco-conscious these days, access to a food supply that’s super nutritious and also baby friendly is really important…

So what does a new mom do to make mealtimes run smoothly?

Get herself the 4-in-1 food maker!

This food maker comes with the capability to blend, steam, reheat and defrost baby food in less than 15 minutes. If the tiny tyrant is screaming their lungs out, their puree will be cooked and ready in well under fifteen minutes. The food maker is easy to clean after the cooking, saving the mother precious food preparation time. Those who have kids know that saving five minutes is a lifetime in baby care terms.



The Bumbo Floor seat was designed to seat young babies who can’t sit up by themselves yet. As baby gets older the more they want to sit up and this can be really hard on parents. Which is why the Bumbo is such a great helper!

It helps the baby sit upright as they play, eat or as they listen to you read their favorite story. The seat is easy to wipe so it stays clean even after accidental spills.



An award-winning, organic, developmental and protective teething mitten which is designed specifically for babies first stages of early teething. This premium product is handmade, safe, lightweight and absolutely adorable.

Made from high-quality bamboo and certified organic cotton terry cloth which is excellent for the drooling teething baby! The teether is 100% non-toxic, made from food grade safe silicone. Invented and created by a mother to ensure safety and functionality so it’s simple to use anywhere.

Your baby will love the removable and adjustable character wrist wrap “Pea Bear” rattle as it provides a fun sensory and he/her can wear this up to 3 years of age!



There’s this idea that babies sleep for twenty hours. In reality, babies don't rest for over three hours without their next feed or a snuggle. All parents know what it feels like when their baby just isn’t getting the rest they need, it’s a feeling of overwhelm and sleep deprivation we can all relate to.

There is hope, and thankfully a white noise machine can be just the soothing soundscape that baby needs to nod off completely.  The white noise machine creates a repetitive sound much like a rushing waterfall or the blowing of wind through trees. For new moms having difficulty resting because baby is keeping them awake, the white noise machine will work well by lulling baby into sleep.

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