Choosing Safe and Healthy Teething Toys for Your Little One

September 05, 2020

Choosing Safe and Healthy Teething Toys for Your Little One

If your baby is at a stage where everything must find a way to his or her mouth, odds are that you are dealing with teething and the discomfort it brings. Besides wanting to chew just about everything,  baby could be displaying any or all of the below symptoms:

  • Drooling
  • Sensitive gums
  • Irritability
  • Red Cheeks
  • Trouble sleeping, and more

As a parent, you would want to do everything you can to comfort your little bundle. A big part this is finding teethers that provides the safest and ultimate relief. How to choose the best teething toy, you ask? Here are some handy tips.

Ultimate Organic Teething Mitty

#1 Safety

The number one aspect to watch out for, of course, is safety. You would want to keep your baby safe from chemicals that are often found in many plastic teethers. To this end, organic teethers free from toxins and chemicals are your safest choice. You could take your pick from organic teething cloths, natural wood or food grade silicone or natural rubber teethers.

In fact, organic cotton and bamboo make for a great combination with bamboo known for its capability to naturally repel bacteria. At MITTEEZ® we have all of these choices. Meet our Organic Baby Woody Teether made of the highest quality organic cotton/bamboo fabrics that are drool absorbent and in addition, it comes with a natural beechwood teether ring that is 100% safe for your baby.

Similarly, wood teethers made of naturally antibacterial untreated maple are also an excellent choice and absolutely safe for your baby.  Our Teething Buddies™ are also one of the safest teethers, made from 100% untreated, natural Canadian Maple wood. And they are so cute!

#2 Ability to offer it cold

There is nothing quite like handing the baby something cold to numb the pain and also bring down inflammation. Organic cooling teethers can, therefore, offer the much-needed relief.

MITTEEZ® has just released Freez’Lils™ , an innovative cold pack teether, that offers chemical-free teething relief. Not only does it have a water ring that you can refrigerate or freeze, it also has an organic cotton and bamboo terry cloth little character buddy, which is excellent for drool absorption.  This adorable inventive product just won the 2020 Best Teether Eco-Excellence Award!

#3 Easy grip

In choosing the right teether you also need to look for one which the baby can hold on to or have a clip attachment which will prevent your babies teether from dropping and resulting in contamination. It is also imperative to see that there is no way the teether can cause any kind of injury to a developing baby.


#4 Easy to maintain

An important aspect to watch out for in choosing the teether is also its maintenance. They definitely need to be washable and easy to clean.

#5 Toy and teether

Last but definitely not the least, you need to pick up a teether that doubles up as a toy to keep the baby engaged as also offers developmental and sensory benefits. That it can act as a keepsake to remind you of this wonderful big milestone is an added perk! Speaking of keepsakes, all MITTEEZ® teethers are designed to be your babies forever memorable teether!

Here’s to you and your baby getting through the teething milestone with many smiles and ensuring safety at it’s best!

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