Are Amber Teething Necklaces Safe?

April 07, 2016

Are Amber Teething Necklaces Safe?

Our amber teething necklaces will be worn by the littlest loved ones in your life so we’ve taken extra precautions while creating our amber teething jewelry. Each item is handmade with care by Lithuanian artisans and has been carefully inspected upon arrival before being sent to their new homes.

Numerous safety features have been utilised in the design and creation of your amber jewelry:

Beads are double knotted individually using our signature knotting technique.

This technique keeps your beads from scattering in the unlikely event that the string should break. It also prevents baby from playing with any loose beads.

Beads are no larger than 0.6 cm in diameter.

Baby’s throats are estimated to be the size of their pinky finger. Using this general guideline, our teething necklaces contain only beads that are smaller than 0.6 cm. 

A safety screw clasp is used.

All our necklaces come completed with a safety screw clasp. This clasp will release if enough tensile pressure is applied to the necklace. Unlike metal clasps, this one will not create any allergic reactions on sensitive baby skin.

A variety of necklace lengths are available.

Our teething necklaces are available in two different lengths. It is essential that the teething necklace fits your little one properly so that the beads can’t reach baby’s mouth.

We use smooth amber beads.

Because the teething beads will be worn against your little’s skin, we’ve made sure they are smooth and soft. Our amber beads have been smoothed using a tumble technique that does not harm the effectiveness of the amber but removes any sharp edges.

Our teething necklaces are tested.

Our amber teething necklaces and clasps have been tested for children under three and meet E71 requirements according to European Safety product standards. They have also been tested by the State Research Institute, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology using FT-IR spectra tests and have been confirmed genuine. Each Baltic amber necklace comes with a certificate of authenticity.

It's important to remember that even though our amber teething necklaces are well made, baby still needs to be supervised during wear. If you have any questions about our teething jewelry, or other products email us at

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