We are thrilled to announce that our baby teething mitten has been awarded best teething product for 2018 over at Loved by Parents! Our beloved baby teething toys have also won the NATIONAL Parenting Product Award for 2018 and Top Choice Award for 2017 and is #1 doctor recommended. And if that wasn’t enough, Tillywig also awarded our newest Baby Woody Teether as winner of Parent’s Favourite Products for 2018. Not to toot our own horn…but OK, we will! We are grateful and very proud of the hard work we’ve put in to all our products. As parents, we know that teething products need to be safe first and foremost. A funRead More →

There are many mixed messages and a ton of controversy out there about organic bamboo and its use in baby products. From where its grown and how its sourced to whether the bamboo you’re buying resembles the original unprocessed plant at all, there’s much to know about whether fabrics made from bamboo are safe for baby. We’re here to set the record straight and to fill you in on why we decided that organic bamboo is best for your baby when it comes to teething mittens and other baby teething products. 5 Reasons why Organic Bamboo is Best for your Baby 1. Bamboo grows fast andRead More →

While pregnancy and the first few months as a new parent can be the most wonderful time for a family, it can also be difficult. Besides the obvious changes a new family member brings, the day-to- day experience of taking care of a newborn can be a bit overwhelming for some, especially if it’s your first time! For this blog post we have partnered with Jen’s Review’s. A Guide to Teething for New Parents While we are all parents here at MITTEEZ™, we do like to stick to what we know best and that is teething babies. This is one of those things that canRead More →