MITTEEZ™ was started from a Mother’s concern for the wellbeing of her baby. What that means for your baby, is that you can trust that a lot of love and a lot of caring goes into the making of MITTEEZ™. Before making MITTEEZ™, our founder did a lot of research to ensure everything that baby touches is gentle, non-toxic and hygienic.  If baby is going to spend a lot of time with our teething mitt in their mouth, we want every parent to feel confident that what we use is the very safest material on the market. Organic and Sustainable We chose Bamboo use asRead More →

While pregnancy and the first few months as a new parent can be the most wonderful time for a family, it can also be difficult. Besides the obvious changes a new family member brings, the day-to- day experience of taking care of a newborn can be a bit overwhelming for some, especially if it’s your first time! For this blog post we have partnered with Jen’s Review’s. A Guide to Teething for New Parents While we are all parents here at MITTEEZ™, we do like to stick to what we know best and that is teething babies. This is one of those things that canRead More →

I remember when I saw the first pearly tooth in my baby’s mouth. How cute, I thought—until she started waking up more often at night! No matter how hard you try to keep your child on a predictable and comforting routine, disruptions are inevitable. One of the most common routine busters is teething, which strikes without warning and can turn a child’s sleep upside down. I know how heartbreaking, and how tiring the long nights can be for both of you. Fortunately, teething doesn’t affect every baby; some babies are simply more compliant than others. While select babies will breeze through it, others will beRead More →

  Teething! Since the dawn of time, babies and their parents have had to endure the pain of teething. Some of the typical symptoms include drooling, red cheeks, irritability, and fussiness. In an attempt to spare the entire family, the anguish of a teething baby, there have been some interesting practices over the centuries. In 19th century England, almost 10% of deaths in infants were blamed on teething, making finding a treatment a top priority. Here are some of our favorites and some of the more peculiar, or should we say SHOCKING, historical remedies we’ve found. Folklore and More In ancient Greece, it was thoughtRead More →

MITTEEZ™ understands and really values grandparents. We have wonderful, warm memories of our time with grandparents when we were kids. That’s why grandparents have a standing offer with MITTEEZ™ – we have made it easy for you to click and send a practical keepsake to your grandbaby for 20% OFF. Always and only for grandparents! For this week’s blog, we thought we’d let those who know the most about being a grandparent take over our blog! So we asked ‘Grandma Gail’ to share her ideas on being a grandma. Here’s What Grandma Told Us Time.  That is the biggest thing a lot of grandparents haveRead More →

teething soother with baby boy

All parents are concerned for the well being of their children. From the moment you discover you’re pregnant, all focus is on health. We start taking extra care of ourselves, we watch what we eat, we work hard to avoid stress and toxins. We want to ensure our little bundles of joy come into the world with the best chance for a healthy and happy life. This commitment to our children’s safety certainly doesn’t stop when we meet them for the first time! In fact, for most parents, our goal becomes health, happiness, safety, contentment and more! It’s an instinct to do so, and mostRead More →

Most parents miss the times when their children were babies. They miss the bedtime stories and the bath routines. Not many remember the sleepless nights and the constant worries. They just remember the joy of having that little one cuddled up and content. The good news is that if you’re a parent, you don’t have to let go of those memories. You can simply preserve them as your child’s keepsakes. Here are some fun ideas for keepsakes that you will cherish in years to come. Newborn baby mittens: nothing says ‘I was a cute baby’ like a cute pair of little newborn mittens. Keep yourRead More →

Bringing your premature baby home from the hospital can be a bit scary.  Let MITTEEZ™ give you a hand with some tips that follow. Here at MITTEEZ™, we are concerned about your baby’s well-being.  That’s why we’ve chosen organic cotton for the lining of our mittens.  This is the material in closest contact with your premature baby’s skin, and we feel organic is the safest fibre for your baby.  We’ve chosen bamboo/poly terrycloth for the outer layer of our mittens.  Bamboo repels bacteria and is super-absorbent.  Our mittens are also lightweight and sized for premature babies or those with smaller hands.  No big floppy mittensRead More →

Your lovely infant is like a little sponge, soaking up every new learning and experience and growing every day. That is the reason, even as they are tiny, it’s always good to set aside some time for play every day. This will help you to bond and will act as a reminder that having a child is about fun and love, not only sleepless nights and nappies. New motherhood can be absolutely blissful; however, sometimes, it can be boring for you and your baby. Therefore, the activities below will help you in having fun with your baby.   Pack a picnic Go to your nearbyRead More →

At MITTEEZ™, we are committed not only to your baby’s safety but to the environment.  So, do we use Organic Cotton or Bamboo? The advantages of Organic Cotton or Bamboo are numerous.  A simple Google search for “organic cotton vs bamboo” returns about 859,000 results.  This is something people are talking about! Organic cotton: uses no pesticides that are harmful to the end-user, field worker and fields.  Cotton is a sustainable crop.  Cotton is a durable fibre, putting up with the many washings you’re going to be doing!  It can also be used in a variety of weaves – sateen, flannel and jersey for example.Read More →